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SAILOR MOON and Princess Serenity by MoonlightYUE
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Night Of The First Day - 60 Hours Remain
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Anonymous: Do you hate it when your talking to someone online and halfway through the convention they just stop replieing


im usually the person who stops replying *sweats nervously*

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thekategreat: Any advice on growing your hair faster?


1. Don’t cut it.

2. Bind your split ends with this:

3. The inversion method. 

  • get some hair oil or conditioner
  • sit in a chair—  CHAIR. NOT BED. C H A I R. And lean your head foreword between your legs so that the blood rushes to your head. Try to get your head to a 90 degree angle.
  • Stay like this for 5 minutes while massaging the oil or conditioner into your scalp.
  • Slowly lean back up.
  • Do this for a week then stop because overdoing it is bad, I’ve never done it for a straight week.

4. Take biotin supplements to help hair growth. I took it and I think it worked but idk. The inversion method works better.

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